After-School with NIA at CWC Williamsburg

Our After-School NIA Program Director is Ingrid Marte. To speak with someone about your child enrolling in NIA, please call 718-236-5266!
For more information on how to enroll, please refer to the flyer and frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What will program be offering?
NIA after-school programs typically offer daily Homework Support and a mix of Visual and Performing Arts, Sports and Fitness, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and Leadership activities. We aim to select classes based on the goals and interests of the school.

Can parents suggest additional classes?
Yes! While it may not always be possible to add every class suggested, we try our very best to add things based on parent and child interest. The school has already shared that parents have expressed interest in a healthy cooking class and a cursive class for older students. We are always happy to consider additional suggestions, based on our resources. 

Who will be working with my child?
NIA uses a blended staffing model that includes a mix of school and community staff. Program staff could include school teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school staff. It could also include outside teaching artists, students, parents, and professionals from different fields. 

How do I sign my child up?
In order to enroll your child in the program, you will need to submit a completed enrollment form and payment. Applications are accepted year-round at the NIA main office. Registration sessions will also be held on-site at your school. Once program has started, you will also be able to register year-round at the school with NIA’s on-site Program Director.

Can I sign up any time?
Yes! If you choose not to sign up at the start of the school year, you are still welcomed to enroll at any time. Please call NIA at 718-236-5266 for more information.

What are my payment options? 

Payment Plans
Upon registration, NIA will provide you with a choice of several payment plans. While you have the option to pay in-full for the year, you will also have the option to pay monthly or at set intervals throughout the school year. 

Payment Options
NIA accepts cash, personal check or money order, and credit card payments.

Childcare Vouchers
NIA is currently in the process of applying for the required program license for your school. Once that process is completed, we will have the ability to begin accepting childcare vouchers. The school will be notified when we have a voucher number available. If a voucher number is not yet available in September, we will work with families to arrange a payment plan until vouchers become available. 

The Administration for Child Services (ACS) and Human Resource Administration (HRA) offer vouchers for clients who are receiving public assistance or welfare. A voucher permits families to receive subsidized childcare services, and payments are sent directly to the childcare provider. Voucher size is based on income and household size, and a client must re-certify each year. To apply for vouchers or see if you qualify, you can speak with your public assistance worker or call 311 and tell the operator you are interested in ACS childcare vouchers. If you are qualified, NIA will provide more information about the process and complete all required provider forms as needed.